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All termite control methods can be categorized as either whole-structure or localized. A whole-structure treatment is defined as the simultaneous treatment of all infestations, accessible and inaccessible, in a structure. A localized or spot treatment is more restrictive, often applied to a single board or small group of boards. Homeowners are advised to know the distinction between whole-structure and spot treatments when deciding which method to select because all treatment methods are not equivalent.

Whole-structure treatments have an advantage over spot treatments in that they can eliminate all infestations, even hidden ones. Termites don't always provide visible signs of damage and can be difficult to find. Secondary local treatments only kill termites in treated areas leaving behind termites in hard-to-reach or untreatable areas. With the uncertainty of current detection methods, particularly when drywall or other wall coverings conceal infestations, there is always some doubt as to the extent of drywood termite colony boundaries within homes. Consequently one can never be sure that all infestations have been treated when applying spot treatments. Whole structure fumigation is the only method in which all drywood termites are killed.

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Rest assured that Morales Exterminating will eradicate any termite problem you may have in your residence or commercial property. Our family-owned business offers the best termite removal solutions. We pride ourselves on being a results oriented business offering 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Fumigation FAQ

Tent Fumigation Process

Fumigation is the most common method of termite extermination. Each year, about 100,000 fumigations are conducted each year in California. Costs for termite control and repair of damage from drywood termites in California exceeds $300 million annually and are projected to increase! Scientists have shown that fumigation is a reliable and complete method for elimination of infestations of drywood termites and other pests such as wood-destroying beetles. Products like Vikane are preferred for fumigation in Los Angeles because they leave no residue behind after the tenting process has ended.

Before fumigating your property, our state licensed technicians will complete a thorough inspection and make treatment recommendations based upon their findings. If fumigation is the treatment option chosen, we will schedule it during a time that is convenient for you.

Fumigation begins after the structure is tented and properly sealed. Fumigant is pumped into the tented structure for 1-2 days. Once the fumigation is complete, the careful process of removing the tent and unsealing the structure begins. The building is then vented with fresh air for several hours to eliminate any residual fumigant. Technicians will then inspect the structure before the occupants are invited back.

local termite treatment

Vikane Gas Fumigant

Termite tent fumigation kills termites and other insects by filling your home with a gas fumigant called Vikane. Vikane works by penetrating the structure to kill termites and wood boring pests through suffocation. Vikane's ability to penetrate wood guarantees 100% termite extermination. After fumigation, Vikane leaves no residue behind, a common concern with applied residual termite treatments.

Vikane Fact Sheet

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Our professional team offers conplete termite control service to the greater LA area. We're committed to providing honest and reliable services and 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction. With over 25 years of experience, we guarantee all our work and offer yearly control policies. For qualified homeowners, we provide nominal charge for escrow and loans. We are an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and the Pest Control Association of California. We are fully licensed and insured for your protection. Se habla Español.

Annual Protection Plan

Our control service policy gives you protection against termite infestation and damage, protecting your investment and giving you peace of mind. Our office staff will contact you when your annual inspection is due and will schedule a convenient time for your thorough inspection. We will check for wood destroying pests and organisms, as well as conditions that could lead to termite infestation.

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Morales Exterminating

Morales Exterminating Company was established in 2001 with a very simple goal: to provide thorough termite detection and elimination services for clients in Los Angeles and the surrounding counties. We get rid of termites and ensure that they do not come back. As a smaller company we are able to provide a level of individualized service that others simply cannot match. Owner/Operator Robert Morales brings more than two decades of industry experience to each and every job. Morales Exterminating Company is fully licensed and bonded. Not all exterminators are – check before you hire anyone else.