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I called Morales Exterminating Co. based on a referral and I couldn't be happier with their work. They were quick to come out and inspect. They were quick to schedule the service. They were prompt and on time. Everyone was nice and they did a great job. I would definitely use their services again and I would definitely recommend them to my friends and family.
Daniela R.
I hired them to do a fumigation of my house and garage upon recommendation from the previous homeowner. Robert and his crew are hHonest, responsive, and did what they said they were going to do, on time. Thank you!!
Alex C.
Robert came out this morning to give an estimate on termite remediation. He was thorough and very professional throughout the inspection. In fact much more so than other termite companies we've used in the past. Really looking forward to working him.
Don P.
Robert and his team were amazing! Communication was excellent, everyone was very friendly, and the work was done quickly and affordably. I highly recommend them for any termite work you need to be done!
K. W.
Very pleased with their professionalism, communication and prices for termite treatment on my 3 rental units.. My tenants said they were accommodating, nice and helpful.
Xochilt L.
This was my first experience having to, uh, evict termites from a house. I appreciated the guys at Morales Exterminating Company answering all of my questions and being very accommodating about scheduling. The price was reasonable for a full tented fumigation and it came with a warranty. I will use them every time and would recommend them to anyone. Thank you!
Jennifer Z.
I have been using this company for years and find them to be honest, thorough, and very pleasant to work with. Their yearly service protection brings them to my house every year to be sure there is no evidence of active termites. They also tented my daughters two story house in Porter Ranch and they were in, and out, in a matter of a few days, with no damage to the property! If you want to stop worrying about termites, give these guys a call!
Pam R.
We just bought a house and needed and exterminator. Morales Exterminating Company was amazing. Booking was super easy, they came out and prepped the house and even trimmed the trees to tent it. Everything was done on time and I got the best price I could find. Don't look anywhere else if you need their services.
Michael K.
I found Morales Exterminating on Angie's list and paid for a yearly control contract. That was about six months ago. Just a few days ago we found frass had fallen down onto a headboard from somewhere above and called Morales. They offered to have someone come out the same day (I called very early), but it didn't work out for me to have someone come out until a few days later. They gave me a two-hour window and showed up within it. The technician, Leo, was very professional, fluent in English (unlike those in my previous company), and took care of the problem promptly. Lookin' good Morales!
Stephen F.
I had a wonderful experience with Morales. David came out the very next day, along with Ricky, and did a full inspection both inside and outside. I thought I had seen a group of swarmers inside our home a few days before. Turned out they weren't swarmers, (no termites! Yay!) but I do have some dry rot. It's so refreshing to hear an honest report instead of being told there's an issue in order to make $. Great, knowledgeable guys that I totally recommend.
Cassie L.
I'm so happy with Morales Exterminating, they did an Escrow Home Inspection for me and they came on time, and completed a thorough report and sent it to me but email on the same day! Thanks to the detailed report the seller offered to pay for the section 1 work needed, which was a huge bones, so saving us 100's of dollars. Booking was easy, just had to call up and got an appointment booked that same week. They will be completing the actual work and I'm definitely going to use this company for all my future pest exterminating needs.
Costas P.
Great reliable company. Robert is very knowledgeable, honest and helpful. Would recommend using this company over a big name company that is high cost and low service.
Cherie T.
We have the year-to-year contract with Morales Termite for localized termite treatment. Whenever I call, Morales Termite is Johnny-On-The-Spot. The employees are consistently efficient and polite. I highly recommend this company.
Neil W.
Back in 2009 I had contacted Morales for a termite inspection and shortly afterwards they treated the house. They did a great job and I haven't had termites in 5 years. Just recently the termites reappeared in my garage and I contacted Morales again. The same inspector from 2009, David Owens, came out to inspect my house & garage. He even brought his handwritten notes and diagrams from his 2009 visit. They are very organized, professional and most of all, very honest. He suggested spot treating to solve the problem. There was no sales pitch to tent or over treat. The guys who performed the service were also very professional and efficient. I wouldn't think of calling any other company.
Joanne M.
I would like to give these guys my highest praise. They treated my house and garage for both drywood and subterranean termites. They are super efficient and excellent in their communications. I am chemically sensitive and they were willing to do some workarounds that I requested. We ran into a difficulty on my property due to my buried pipes and these guys took care of it well. I found everyone to be trustworthy and very competent. I am so glad I went with a smaller company.
M. T.
Morales tented our new house for the fumigation of drywood termites. We've dealt with the inspector, David Owens, a couple of times, and we've always been happy with his work. He also inspected our friend's house a few years ago, and the quote from Morales was a much better deal than another company she had contacted. They don't try to estimate fixing the termite damaged wood to jack up the price which I like. This time David checked the house we were in escrow on, and he did indeed find termites. So once we closed escrow we hired Morales to tent the place. We were on a tight schedule, so we were happy that they could start on the day we needed them. But unfortunately when the tenting crew arrived there was a problem. No on had noticed that we needed to cut back a lot of vines covering the edge the back deck so they could properly install the tent. I was disappointed that I hadn't been told this previously, but I've been happy with everything else, so I don't want to knock a star off for that. A friend and I got everything cut back that evening, and the crew made time to do the tent the next day so we could stay on schedule, so everything turned out well.
Anita S.
Perhaps five years ago perhaps our cleaning lady noticed droppings on our wood structured enclosed patio. I had an exterminating company every two months to take care of ants and other creatures. When I called them to determine what the droppings were from they advised I had termites and their exterminator services did not cover termites. However, they did give me two termite exterminators names, one of which was Morales. Morales not only showed up promptly, inspected my entire house and advised I had termites in one wood window frame and in the garage. They did spot eradication which got rid of the termites in one application. Afterwards I signed up for annual inspection and maintenance services and after about two years we again noticed some droppings at a new location. A call to Morales resulted in almost immediate service and again spot treatment took care of the infestation. Then during the period of low mortgage rates I decided to refinance the mortgage on our home which required a termite inspection. A call to Morales was all that was necessary for them to prepare the inspection report for escrow and the great news was the cost for that inspection report was covered by my annual maintenance fee. I would highly recommend Morales. They are honest and provide superior work product.
Joseph C.
I just moved into my house which was treated with termites by them a couple months back but I wasn't given a copy of the termite report by the previous owner, so I called them and they are really friendly and easy to work with. Robert emailed me a copy of the report at once and I also had some questions about my attic, so he sent out Vince to stop by my house on the same day. And Vince was really nice too he looked through everything for me and addressed any questions I had. I'm really happy with their service and would definitely use them again for future treatments.
Ray F.